Anne Lakos

Sales and Marketing Representative

Anne Lakos has a 27 year business presence in the exclusively licensed 800MHz mobile communications industry in South Carolina. She founded Gulf Atlantic Wireless, LLC which was the only woman owned 800MHz mobile communications carrier nationally.

She spent her youth singing, writing poetry, and playing piano, as well as discussing business with her father from the time she was 8.  Anne obtained her Bachelor of Arts from Southern Methodist University in Dallas at the Meadows School of the Arts and acted in many leading, supporting and character roles in musicals and dramas at the Hewitt School, and in NYC theatres and Los Angeles theatres before entering the communications industry in 1994.

She is fluent in French, and received special commendation from Canadian and Luxembourg scholars for her translation of a French magazine after attending the University of Bourgogne in Dijon, France in 1987.

Anne recently returned to South Carolina and joins the Purpose-Plan-Profit team as Marketing representative to expand our reach in helping small businesses increase their profits and financial success. 

What most people don’t know about Anne

She is a bird watcher. 

Something yet accomplished on Anne's bucket list

To have her poetry and other writings published by a national publisher.