How to increase church donations without begging

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If you are a pastor and are trying to increase financial giving, and at the same time help a part of your congregation have more to give, but you are not sure where to start, understand that it’s not your fault! There is a way.


My name’s Jeff. I was a pastor and was recruited to work with Dr. John C. Maxwell. While with John, I helped over 100 church congregations raise millions of dollars in capital. I was successful, but I was sure that there had to be a better way. As I read, studied, and thought about what this better way might be, I discovered how Biblically based business coaching enables churches to improve their financial position without constantly begging for money. Before you ask, my services will not cost your church a cent, and I will actually make a donation to your church if you choose to accept my free offer.

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t have money, money becomes an obsession? I did too… all too often in the churches that I was coaching.


Even though I was really good at fundraising, I was really tired of the grind of constantly asking for money, and I didn’t like how it impacted the churches and people involved, so I started thinking about ways to increase church incomes naturally. One day I visited a beautiful church in a wealthy neighborhood. The church building was gorgeous, but it was certainly not a mega church. As I drove through the parking lot, I couldn’t help but notice that many of the cars cost as much as a house. Then it clicked. If churchgoers have more income but saw kingdom principles as more important than the Ferrari in the church parking lot, then churches would struggle far less with funding. I started working to put together a program that combines my experiences as a pastor and a fundraiser with my business education and experience to create a transformational program that helps business owners to make more money while also refocusing their orientation on kingdom principles.


As I started teaching these principles, I could see that proper kingdom orientation, combined with business coaching that increases income, actually helps to reduce the “love of money” syndrome. By keeping money in its proper place as a tool while helping people earn more without ballooning their expenses, financial pressures are reduced and people are able, and willing, to give more. By spending time on the proper use of money as a kingdom tool, the need to “constantly” preach on tithing is all but eliminated.


The Bible tell us that where your treasure is, your heart will be also. All too often people read this passage as “where your heart is, there you will put your money.” But this is backwards. It actually means that where you put your money is where your heart will be.


I have decided to share my experiences and the things that I learned doing coaching for over thirty years to help churches to raise funds by working with business owners and budding entrepreneurs, helping them to earn more with my proprietary and Biblically based coaching program.


I’d like to introduce you to Purpose, Plan, Profit. Purpose, Plan, Profit is a proprietary Biblically based coaching program that helps business owners to increase their profits with an emphasis on the importance of money management, time management and tithing. This means that your highest income, and most capable, church members have more time and money to invest with your church, and they understand that doing so is an important part of their spiritual development. Here are just a few of the ways that your church and business owners in your church will benefit:


Church Benefits

  • Free leadership training session for staff

  • Donation to the church by me as a thank you for hosting me

  • Increased revenues due to the education I provide

Here is a short (just over a minute) video that shows you more about this: 

Business Owner:

  • Receives Biblical business education and coaching

  • Receive financial coaching and accountability

  • Increased income through improved business practices, sales processes, and accountability

  • More consistent income by working on the business more, and in the business less

  • More free time and less stress through improved business processes


Imagine how a proper Biblical understanding of money’s role in life will impact your church’s business owners and your church!


I am willing to make a significant personal financial investment to come to your church, host a very practical nuts and bolts business training seminar to business owners, and provide a free leadership training session to your staff. In exchange, I only ask to be able to offer my services to the attendees. I don’t require any kind of a guarantee on your part, other than that I ask that there are at least 30 people in the room when I come to do my seminar. If social distance and COVID is a concern we could explore the idea of doing a “live” webinar presentation.


Due to time constraints, and the significant financial investment that I will make to come to your location, this offer won’t be around forever, so if you want to help your church to reframe their understanding of money as a tool of the kingdom, click below to schedule a time for me to visit, or to schedule a call if you have questions. 


If you are thinking that this offer seems too good to be true, I understand! While I charge for my services to business owners, I also see this as a ministry. I always seek to over-deliver, and that includes the way that I freely offer my time to the church.


If you’re wondering if people in your church would want to listen to or hire a coach, that is a fair question. But the biggest names in the business world today all have professional business coaches. I also have a coach. The role of a coach is similar to that of a mentor, providing guidance, accountability, and an objective viewpoint, all biblical principles! Again, I don’t ask that you guarantee that people will purchase my services, I only ask that you have 30 people in the room when we do the seminar.


You might be wondering if you can use this as an outreach opportunity for you church. Of course! I’d love it if you would!


Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on the next page.

P.S. Remember, I will come to you, give a seminar about the biblical understanding of money and running a successful business as a tool of the kingdom, provide a free leadership training session to your staff, and make a donation to your church. Your only obligation is getting 30 people to commit to being there! Make sure to schedule a time today before all of my slots fill up!


What Small Business Owners Are Saying

​I have to share my experience with my business coach! You may take my recommendation or leave it ! Lol but I will tell you, if you just started your business or are in the dumps on how to grow... you won’t regret at least speaking to him! His name is Jeff Earlywine. 

Our business opened January 2020. It was not our first day around the block but it was when it came to upper management and marketing... Jeff was a long time client that followed us. Since becoming a client of his, he became our business coach. We have a meeting at least once a month, if we need more he is there. If we need marketing help, he is there! If so need a boost in my positivity or a push in the right direction, he is there. He has helped me get my business off the ground running! My annual goal for 2020 was surpassed, even with this pandemic.

I highly recommend giving him a call, you won’t regret it!


Jessica Black, S&J Insurance Group

I have worked with Jeff for 5 years and our pharmacy has benefitted in a huge way since we started. Jeff helps me to implement a plan for growth then keeps me focused to follow thru on our goals. Identifying goals that are beneficial and achievable, then develop a plan to reach those goals were definitely a weakness of mine.  


Jeff is an expert at developing those plans and goals and more importantly staying on course to reach them.  While he is very easy to talk with about my business, he is also focused and also very straightforward with what you need to do to be successful.


I would highly recommend him to be a great asset to grow your business.

Stacy Lamb, R.Ph., ​Springhill Pharmacy

Jeff  was put in my life at a very troubling time . My business was running but not excelling. I was working 60 plus hours a week, working in the field , office , sales; you name it I did it.


Jeff, taught me to rely on key employees and let them do their job and constantly improve the business instead of physically work myself to death. Jeff helped me to find key employees, trained, rebranded, created processes and taught leadership skills. He was with me every step of the way.

After about a year, the business is running smoothly with great profits. If your ready to take your business to the next level Jeff Earlywine is who you need coaching every step of the way.


Highly recommend... 

Ashley Harden, President, Dirty Deeds Cleaning Services