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Are WE Right

For You?

To be honest we are not a perfect fit for every small business owner. Again, being really transparent - many business owners like how things are going right now. They like their current sales level, they think the bottom line is just fine and they can manage all the stress that comes with both of these. 

But if you are not satisfied with how you business is going. You want to increase your sales revenue. You want your bottom line to double and you know you have to do something about the stress; then perhaps we should jump on the phone and see if there is a fit. 

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You CAN afford 

To Grow

We have a question for you, and it may take you back to your high school math class. Sorry for the flash back. 

What would it be like if you could increase your bottom line profits by 20%, 25%, 40% or more? What would your new net profit be? How would that effect your bank account, your life? 

Allowing us to come along side you and help you will do just that. How do I know? Read just a few of the success stories below. 

If increasing your bottom line and reducing your stress in the process sounds like your cup of tea then perhaps we should jump on the phone. That is a time where you can get all your questions answered. 

We Get IT

Not every professional business coaching organization is like us. We are the best!!! How is that for starters? 

We really don't expect you to believe that; is like saying we make the best pizza in town. 

But we do get IT. We have over three decades of business coaching experience and have worked with over 300 different organizations. This alone assures you that we understand business and what you want to accomplish. We also know how to listen and understand you. We create a plan with you that will keep you focused on your dreams and goals. 

Lastly, we do all this with passion. And to be honest that passion gets us in trouble too. Why? Because we jump in with both feet and row the boat with you, and often we get so carried away that we find ourselves pushing way to hard. 

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What YOU Work So Hard For

We Help Make Happen

Hey, we know you work hard. Nights, weekends, on your family vacation. We get it. Don't tell anyone, but we often do the same thing. That is that passion we talked about above. But the success of your business is really important to us. 

To help you make your business all that it can be here are the five main areas we focus on: 

  • Your products and services - making sure you meet the needs and wants of your target market by offering the right products and/or services. 

  • Customers - helping you develop a marketing plan that will bring in your ideal customer or client.

  • Staff - equipping you so you will find, interview, hire and continually train your staff.

  • Profit management - a profitable business is managed by the numbers, using both leading and lagging indicators.

  • Processes - the processes in your business is the glue that holds it all together and the common thread that makes all of the above areas function successfully. 

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What Small Business Owners Are Saying

​I have to share my experience with my business coach! You may take my recommendation or leave it ! Lol but I will tell you, if you just started your business or are in the dumps on how to grow... you won’t regret at least speaking to him! His name is Jeff Earlywine. 

Our business opened January 2020. It was not our first day around the block but it was when it came to upper management and marketing... Jeff was a long time client that followed us. Since becoming a client of his, he became our business coach. We have a meeting at least once a month, if we need more he is there. If we need marketing help, he is there! If so need a boost in my positivity or a push in the right direction, he is there. He has helped me get my business off the ground running! My annual goal for 2020 was surpassed, even with this pandemic.

I highly recommend giving him a call, you won’t regret it!


Jessica Black, S&J Insurance Group

I have worked with Jeff for 5 years and our pharmacy has benefitted in a huge way since we started. Jeff helps me to implement a plan for growth then keeps me focused to follow thru on our goals. Identifying goals that are beneficial and achievable, then develop a plan to reach those goals were definitely a weakness of mine.  


Jeff is an expert at developing those plans and goals and more importantly staying on course to reach them.  While he is very easy to talk with about my business, he is also focused and also very straightforward with what you need to do to be successful.


I would highly recommend him to be a great asset to grow your business.

Stacy Lamb, R.Ph., ​Springhill Pharmacy

Jeff  was put in my life at a very troubling time . My business was running but not excelling. I was working 60 plus hours a week, working in the field , office , sales; you name it I did it.


Jeff, taught me to rely on key employees and let them do their job and constantly improve the business instead of physically work myself to death. Jeff helped me to find key employees, trained, rebranded, created processes and taught leadership skills. He was with me every step of the way.

After about a year, the business is running smoothly with great profits. If your ready to take your business to the next level Jeff Earlywine is who you need coaching every step of the way.


Highly recommend... 

Ashley Harden, President, Dirty Deeds Cleaning Services

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