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Can I be transparent with you? I have always had a passion to help ministries and businesses. I have been doing this a little different than you might think. You see I share a common heartbeat with the local church, "To make a difference in the world." And doing this through ministries and businesses, with no strings attached and no funds asked for, is just one way I go about doing this. I have over three decades of experience in assisting businesses and ministries overcome their challenges and clear the hurdles that are keeping them from being extremely successful. ​


Ministry and church leaders all over America, and around the world,  strive to fulfill their mission and live out their passion but struggle because finances are tight and business owners, the people that could help in a very big way, are so busy trying to make their businesses work that they can't give time (let alone donations) to help out. 

There are many companies out there, some of which are very credible, that will step in and try to help. But when they do so they expect something in return. That something is payment for services. RPM not only does not ask for payment from the ministries we work with but we also use proven Biblical principles in all of our coaching, consulting and training processes. 


What those ministry and church leaders NEED is someone that understands their passion and calling, while at the same time understands how to train the business owners connected with their ministry and in their communities. RPM does both. 

By doing this the church benefits with an outreach like none other, and the business owners discover how to increase their business' bottom line while at the same time making their lives less stressful and enjoyable. The end result is: very successful business owners being able to give back to the ministry with greater donations and being able to apply their business acumen and people skills in very strategic ways. ​


I strive to eliminate the problem and be a part of the solution by:

  • Helping the ministry set up and market a business owner/leadership seminar at no charge to the ministry.

  • Training those attending the seminar with a very practical and focused seminar on business principles.

  • Offering the business owners in attendance a FREE thirty-minute coaching session.

  • Giving back with a donation to the ministry or ministry's leadership for every client obtained from the seminar.

  • Coming back on-site to the ministry and conduct a leadership seminar for the staff and volunteers - at no charge to the ministry 


Let us discuss this with you... How we can help you as the ministry leader reach a totally new group of people? Call our office today and we will answer all of your questions. 

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