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Updated: Dec 10, 2021

In my thirty plus years of working with companies and employees I have found a few things to be 100% constant. One of them is hiring the right employee is as much an art as it is a science. You can buy all the books, read all the articles, advertise with the right job ad and you still can get an employee that does not work out.

​Boy… I bet you are thinking, “What a way to start this article and why would I keep reading?” If you do read on you will find some of the best and most simplistic ideas I have found that will give you the best chance in getting that right employee. It is not complicated, but many people make it that way. What you will read below (and in the follow up to this article) will help you tremendously. Here are three simple steps to get you started.

Step #1: Write a job ad and job description.

The easiest way I have found to do this is research what other companies have posted online when trying to fill the same position you are. When doing this you will find job ads and job descriptions that you can modify to fit your particular company. Google will be your best friend here. I am not suggesting you steal other company’s ideas, but job ads and descriptions are all over the internet for free.

Step #2: Consider H/R staffing companies.

Hiring a company like this has tremendous benefits but it is not for everyone or every position. Some of the benefits are: 1. It saves you time so you don’t have to do the applicant interviews. 2. You have no long-term commitment to the applicant. 3. They handle all the paperwork. 4. They take care of the payroll taxes. 5. They will do all the needed background and drug testing for you. But not every position works for these companies. For instance, a low paying position may end up costing you much more by going this route.

Step #3: Run your own advertising campaign to fill the position.

Which brings me to a very important place in this article. I would encourage you to find the right employee for the “position”, don’t fit the position around the employee. You may benefit from the added experience or skills of the new employee but make sure the position you need filled is filled by the best applicant you can find.

There are several ways you can run your campaign: 1. Get your current staff involved. Give them incentives (money, days off, etc) if they find you that right employee. My suggestion here is to wait to give the bonus, for instance, after the new hire has been there for at least 90 days. 2. Post your job ad online. My favorite and very affordable website at this time is 3. Facebook and other social media sites have tremendous power. What I have done in the past is post just a few lines of the job ad on my Facebook page and then put the link to my job ad on The advantage of Facebook is you can get your friends and staff to share your post. The more shares the better chance you have of getting some really good resumes.

Now that you have written the job ad and job description, decided if you are going to hire a staffing company or signed up for, and your in-box is filling up with resumes – what do you do? My follow up article will explain a three step plan in detail that explains exactly that. But I don’t want to overwhelm you. Do steps one, two and three this week and next week I will layout the above three step plan.

Read for the next step? Click on the link below

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