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Mike Goss

Sales and Marketing Representative

Mike Goss grew up in Wellington, Ohio benefitting from solid family, church, and schools.  He completed his undergraduate training from North Central University (Minneapolis, MN) and pursued graduate work at Ashland University (Ashland, OH).  He has had the opportunity to serve around the country with a knack for starting new ministries.  Throughout his 10 years of vocational ministry background, he founded programs such as Rock Solid youth ministry program, Extreme Faith Youth Discipleship, Area Youth Pastor Network, and launched a Oneighty® affiliate in the St. Louis area.


In 2005, God began to expand his entrepreneurial efforts into establishing and strengthening other non-profits and businesses.  One such non-profit, The 2x4 Project, strategically connected serving teams to missions efforts internationally.  Concurrently, he and a partner established businesses related to real estate.  In his 20 years of business and organizational leadership, Mike has excelled in catalyzing growth within those entities.


Currently, Mike and his wife Ginger, live in Florence, MS.  Mike continues to bring strong expertise in working with organizations and companies to gain momentum to get to next levels.  He has a passion for ideas, growth and strategy and brings those gifts to serve others.

What most people don’t know about Mike

Most people don’t know that Mike is a thinker.  In fact, he loves to think.  He didn’t realize it until he was in his 30’s that this was a strength.  In fact, according to Strengthfinder 2.0, his top ability is Ideation – where people describe ideas as the heartbeat of life.  He can definitely say that. He loves new ideas and devising creative ways to communicate them!

Something yet accomplished on Mike's bucket list

He has been on 3 continents – North America, Europe, and Africa.  He would like to travel to all 7 with Asia being his next goal!

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