​I have to share my experience with my business coach! You may take my recommendation or leave it ! Lol but I will tell you, if you just started your business or are in the dumps on how to grow... you won’t regret at least speaking to him! His name is Jeff Earlywine. 


Our business opened January 2020. It was not our first day around the block but it was when it came to upper management and marketing... Jeff was a long time client that followed us. Since becoming a client of his, he became our business coach. We have a meeting at least once a month, if we need more he is there. If we need marketing help, he is there! If so need a boost in my positivity or a push in the right direction, he is there. He has helped me get my business off the ground running! My annual goal for 2020 was surpassed, even with this pandemic.

I highly recommend giving him a call, you won’t regret it! (772) 444-7760.

Jessica Black
S&J Insurance Group

I have worked with Jeff for 5 years and our pharmacy has benefitted in a huge way since we started. Jeff helps me to implement a plan for growth then keeps me focused to follow thru on our goals. Identifying goals that are beneficial and achievable, then develop a plan to reach those goals were definitely a weakness of mine.  Jeff is an expert at developing those plans and goals and more importantly staying on course to reach them.  While he is very easy to talk with about my business, he is also focused and also very straightforward with what you need to do to be successful. I would highly recommend him to be a great asset to grow your business.

Stacy Lamb, R.Ph.
​Springhill Pharmacy

He was able to help me set goals and develop a workable plan to reach those goals. His background in finance was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Jeff Earlywine as a business coach. He rates as a 5 star coach in my book!

Rick Pennington
Lyons Drugs


​I’ve had coaches before and unfortunately we weren’t very successful. I’m not the most

coachable person around, but Jeff and I developed a good working relationship quickly.

yvonne-ngugi (1).jpg

My time spent with Coach Jeff has been nothing short of outstanding!

​His expertise and skills were evident from the beginning and he really delves deep into the details of the business.
His ability to listen along with his honesty and constructive criticism really brought our business to the next level. I’m so grateful he is our business coach and would highly recommend him! 

Yvonne Ngugi 
Goldendale Pharmacy 

"Jeff is the best coach I can ask for. His thinking style is so unique and kind of opposite than mine and the best thing is, we both know that and we work together to bring the best outcome for me and my business. He shows me a path to become a successful leader with the right frame of mind. I cannot thank him enough for sharing his expertise and experience with me. "

Tapan Vora,
Dunnellon Pharmacy

tapan-vora (1).jpg

Jeff  was put in my life at a very troubling time . My business was running but not excelling. I was working 60 plus hours a week, working in the field , office , sales; you name it I did it. Jeff, taught me to rely on key employees and let them do their job and constantly improve the business instead of physically work myself to death. Jeff helped me to find key employees, trained, rebranded, created processes and taught leadership skills. He was with me every step of the way.

After about a year, the business is running smoothly with great profits. If your ready to take your business to the next level Jeff Earlywine is who you need coaching every step of the way. Highly recommend... 

Ashley Harden, President
Dirty Deeds Cleaning Services

​Jeff and RPM brings to the table three decades of experience as a business leader and has worked with three hundred different organizations. I have seen the benefit that his financial analysis tools [Dashboard RPM] and consulting bring to an organization. His analyses will reveal trends, projections, and point out ways to increase your bottom line.

Art Fuller, ABD, Ph.d.
INJOY Stewardship Services


​"Working with Jeff Earlywine I have found him to be extremely flexible and accommodating of my busy schedule. He is always there when I need a question answered or wisdom to move my business forward. He is extremely dependable and challenges me to grow and succeed every time we meet.

He has challenged me greatly to begin working "on" my business and not just "in" it by delegating responsibilities and letting go, Something that I found very difficult first.

Jeff runs his company like I do. He is fair and honest, what you see is what you are going to get. In other words, you get what you are promised. "

Robin Williams, Owner
2nd Mile Management, Inc.


Jeff has been instrumental in helping me stay focused on my long-term goals. He provides great feedback and insight into key business challenges. He brings resources and ideas that have proved useful to my marketing and sales goals. Jeff really knows how to keep you on track and holds me accountable to overcome the hurdles that come my way on a regular basis.

Kathy Post
Post Insurance & Financial, Inc.​