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Recently I was speaking with a manager in a business that I am working with. She is so frustrated with how her staff is “not” performing. How they are not working as a team. How they are ripping each other apart with their words. Sound familiar?

So… she and I are going to begin a process of teamwork and personal growth with her staff. If you have tried this then you know how hard it can be. It is hard because we all know deep down that we can’t run a successful business alone. So…

You can train your team to produce financial statements on time, run your POS system like a pro, mop the floor to a “spit shine” but there has to be more. And there is. The training that I am suggesting is much deeper. Your staff came to you individually with explosive embers inside them ready for you to light the match. I could write a book on this (and just might someday) but below are a few suggestions on where you should start in “constantly” training your staff.

Remember this “training” is on the inside, and has to be in you first. So my question to you is: are you passionate about what you do?? You have to love what you do and are doing what you love. Passion connects you with other people. Passion gets noticed. People are attracted by passion and enthusiasm. Passion wins. Passion is contagious.

Next you have to think team. There is no “I” in team. Simply stated, a team attitude is a “we” and “our” attitude instead of a “me” and “my” attitude. It has been said that humans are 97% water and the rest is attitude. Some requirements of a successful team attitude are…

  • Team attitude requirement #1: Be unselfish. It is very important to remember to check your ego at the door when joining a team.

  • Team attitude requirement #2: Find a role and fill it. Unless the whole organization is working together for one common purpose, the team doesn’t win. Each team member must carry out assigned duties and responsibilities, meshing his or her efforts with those of the other teammates, so that the goals can be achieved, the vision can become a reality. There is no room on any team for separate agendas.

  • Team attitude requirement #3: Be a team of cheerleaders. We all need encouragement and cheers. Encouragement promotes growth. Praise enhances morale.

  • Team attitude requirement #4: Have fun! Just like in the movie, The Mighty Ducks, in order to win as a team you must have fun.

  • Team attitude requirement #5: Follow the leader. Leaders and players are partners, with clearly defined roles. But when players defy, ignore, or undermine the team’s leadership, then the team attitude quickly disintegrates. Leaders and their style of leadership have a lot to do with encouraging healthy followership. Those who lead by including the staff, by making them all feel important, by valuing, encouraging and drawing them into the overall team effort, tend to encourage enthusiastic followership.

  • Team attitude requirement #6: Be flexible. Be adaptable, creative, coachable, eager to try new ideas and new approaches, and not rigid or stuck in a rut.

  • Team attitude requirement #7: Think in sync. Team members have to learn to think in sync, to read each other’s movements and gestures, head nods and eye winks. The great teams are those in which the leader and staff spend a great deal of time together, training together, communicating together, and getting to know each other’s style. Everyone has to be on the same page.

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