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Barriers To A Successful Business – Part 2

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

The question that I hope you will answer by the end of this lesson is, “How do I overcome the barriers that I am facing today, and the barriers I will face in the future?” After reading this statement you might be thinking, “Wait a minute, this lesson is supposed to be about barriers to a successful business.” Believe it or not, it is my opinion that the real barriers to a successful business lies within the mind.

I believe that the following five barriers (we covered the first five in our last lesson) will keep your business on the sideline even if you have the best possible location, all the money in the world, a team that is known as a “dream team”, and a product as great as an umbrella in the rainy season.

Barrier #6: Being satisfied – It has been said if you are not going up you are going down. I don’t know if that is totally true, but I do know that being satisfied for any length of time in your business will cause your success level to go down. Your competition will catch up with you, your staff will get bored, and profits will begin leveling out.

Barrier #7: Busyness – Many authors more published than I have written on this topic. They have filled many pages and books on this subject. I will make one brief statement that will have what I hope is a great impact on the future of your business. That statement is, “You need to begin tomorrow working ‘on’ your business, not just ‘in’ your business.” What that means is that you need to look at your business from 35,000 feet and begin to develop strategies that will produce financial growth, staff satisfaction, and organizational goals achieved. Making time to work “on” your business is critical to its success.

Barrier #8: Trading greatness for being good enough– You must fight the temptation to just be good enough. I have never been fond of white-water rafting, probably because I don’t like cold water. The sport consists of a raft, fast moving cold water, raft riders, and a raft leader/guide. I once saw a picture of a group of girls out for some white-water rafting fun. The girls in the picture were all smiling and waving to the camera while the leader’s eyes were straining to see down stream. No doubt he was looking for the next big rock, up coming turns in the river, or other challenges that they would have to navigate. He didn’t want the experience to just be a “good one” but a “great one” for his customers.

To move your organization to greatness one you must keep “going” towards the organization’s mission and vision. A great organization is one that overcomes the obstacles and turns in its path, a good one is just satisfied.

Barrier #9: Removing the glass ceiling– Many people, as well as organizations, excel into greatness, but stay there only for a short time. It is my belief that there is something supernaturally built into every human being. That something is the desire to win, but at the same time the fear of losing. It seems that for many there is a glass ceiling that holds them down, keeping them from reaching new levels of success. What is your glass ceiling?

Barrier #10: Giving up – When you get a minute do a word study on the word: Gambaru. It is a word with a rich meaning that runs deep in some cultures around the world. Gambaru simply means to not give up. A short definition, but you and I both know it is not that simple. When things get tough and the future of your career, life, or business looks like it will not make it you must not give up. You must jump out of bed each day, full of vim and vigor, ready to conquer what ever comes your way. You simply just can’t give up!!!!

Over the past two weeks you have discovered the barriers to a successful business. Master one per month and in less than a year you will have a transformed business; and you will be transformed yourself.


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