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Many times you only get one chance with a customer. You know the old saying, “You get once chance to make a first impression.” That is totally true. Think about when you met that special someone, they are probably still special because of that first meeting. Or, the first time at a resort or hotel. If your first experience was not so good then you will always remember those feelings, emotions, smells and sites. This is just what happened to me recently.

I was doing an on-site visit to one of my favorite clients. And I decided to stay at a different hotel this time. Well… below is the email that I took a few minutes to write to the general manager.


Good morning. I am taking a few minutes to send you a quick email. I visit your city on business about every 3 months. I usually stay at the same hotel but thought I would get a new perspective and stay at a different place - yours. My trip from Florida on Sunday was a tough and very long one. I arrived at the West Palm Beach airport around 3pm Eastern Time, and after two flights and several delays I arrived at your hotel around 2"am" Eastern Time Monday morning - yep a very long day.

When I arrived the guys at the desk were nice as could be. I was worn out and they gave me my key and I headed to my room. When I came out of the elevator on the 2nd floor I was hit with a bad smell - something like sour water/carpet. When I opened my door I saw two small beds. Perhaps this was what I booked but was really disappointed because all I wanted to do was sleep in a big bed like mine at home. I called down and they said they could move me with no problem. So I grabbed my bags and headed back. When I got down there they said they couldn't move me because it would cost me more. They didn't give me the option of paying more and they knew how tired I was. They could have moved me at no charge and made me a fan.

So back to the room I went. I got up Monday morning (actually about 4 hours later) and headed to breakfast. I found the juice machine was broken and was told that it often is, the food was just okay but not even close to the other hotel that I usually stay at. And every time down that hall way I was hit with that smell. When I took my shower I found that the conditioner bottle was not a new one, it was 1/2 full used by another guest. Are you kidding me??? I left for my work - to be gone all day.

The bench out front of the hotel is a law suit waiting to happen - just FYI.

When I got back to the room and going into Tuesday (today) the people that cleaned the room didn't do that good of a job and didn't leave "any" shampoo or conditioner. I called the desk - had to call multiple times to get someone to answer - to get them to bring me some.

All in all, I am disappointed. I will be going back to my original hotel. I hope this post will help you in your work.

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