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Fishing Standing Up

Fishing Standing Up

With Coach Jeff Earlywine

I love to fish. I first started fishing when I was a kid with my dad. He taught me how to tie on a hook, then bait it, then how to wait and set the hook at the right time.

I still fish, but spend most of my time on the water in a fishing kayak going after large-mouth bass. Most serious kayak bass fisherman spend a good deal of their time, if not all of it, standing up in their kayak while fishing. While you may think, “That’s not a big deal”, I dare you to try it. I did, for the first time this weekend. I was in about two feet of water and figured if I were to fall I could just stand up and get back in my kayak.

Well, I stood up. I raised my hands above my head like I was a prize fighter that just went 15 rounds with the best fighter that every climbed inside a ring. Then it happened. I started to wobble, yep I was sure I was going over until I did something that will help you every day in your business. I gained “control” of my emotions. I stopped freaking out, took a deep breath

and got the kayak balanced.

Controlling our emotions. Freaking out. Being Anxious. Stressed. Those all have the same meaning when you are a small business owner. However, they don’t show up like when you are standing up in a kayak – they mask themselves in many ways but you know when they are there.

So what do you do when your emotions get out of control? Great question. The answers need no explanation – just consistent action. And I challenge you to put the following three things into action each and every day in your business. Not only train yourself to master them but your staff as well. They are:

Rhythm ~ Balance ~ Patience

- Rhythm – consistent and planned action.

- Balance – keeping centered and focused on what is ahead of you not what his behind.

- Patience – Slowing down and “breathing your way into controlling your emotions.”

Simple but powerful lessons from standing in a kayak.

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