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How to fall in love with selling - Sell your passion not your product

The truth of the matter is nothing in the world happens without a sale. If sales were not taking place each and every day then there would be no need for truck drivers, manufacturing plants, a large percentage of farmers, many brick and mortar businesses, and most industries, possibly even yours.

However, most people have a real distaste for sales. You might even say they hate sales. They hate it because they really don’t understand it. I think most people approach selling from a desperate position. They are desperate to make a sale, and they hate that feeling. Either they don’t sell, or they try to sell in a way that repels people. Have you ever watched someone try their best to sell something but in the end not get the contract signed? If you have ever personally experienced this feeling you know just how terrible it is.

If you are going to dramatically grow your company you must understand what selling really is – it is desperately sharing with passion what you offer. Take a minute right now and think about what you offer to your ideal client. Think about that client and how bad they need your service or product. You are encouraged to get passionate here. As you think deep about this try your best to get the feeling that if your service or product was not offered that your client would literally suffer. Allow this feeling to build desperation inside you. However, this type desperation is different than described above. This type of desperation is more about the person you are selling to. What you are selling or the need you have to sell takes a backseat.

If you can learn to convert this desperation into action, which leads to authentic communication, which then helps you persuade (sell) in the best possible way. This is basically the magic formula for sales success. Sound too good to be true? Still a little mysterious? Keep reading and the light bulb of understanding will come on.

First you have to get somethings OUT of your mind. Some people think if they build it, people will just come. They think if they just put their passion into it, create a service or product then people will find them and their business will flourish. But that’s not how it works. We were subconsciously taught that if we just get better at what we do or have the best product on the planet people will come on their own to our website, blog, store, etc. But that is not true. Remember, Field Of Dreams was just a movie – people don’t come just because you build it.

Then get this IN your mind - love what you do, love what you sell, love your service, love your product, love your clients, love how you are better than any of your competition, so much so that you know you’re doing the world a disservice if you don’t get everyone of your ideal clients to plunk down a credit card or write you a check.

Two things can happen if you don’t get desperate enough to persuade them or sell them to buy your service or product.

1. They will go to someone or somewhere else. More than likely a person or place that doesn’t care at the level you do. Or…

2. They will do nothing, and they suffer, because you feel selling is a four letter word.

Please understand, you really have an obligation to sell them your service or product. After you understand sales in this way most of the time you will feel you can be the best salesperson in the world at selling your services or products.

How to fall in love with selling…

Selling is the oxygen; it is the breath of every single successful company in the world. This may be the most important thing you need to learn right now and reiterating the fact that if you build it, no matter how good it is, no matter how strong it is, no matter how amazing it is, people will not come, unless you persuade them to take action.

Three action catalysts:

1. Love what you do so much you feel that you’re doing people a disservice if you don’t get them to take action. That’s step one.

2. Live authentically, be the best version of you. Don’t try to be a super salesperson, don’t be a fake you, or someone else. Just be you. The real you. Speak (sell) from your heart. Letting people see your strengths and weaknesses.

3. Step into persuasion with confidence. Don’t be embarrassed with what you have to offer or how you are offering it.

If you love what you do, amp up your confidence, step into the sales process, step into the persuasion. You are helping people at whole new level. When you do that with quiet confidence, with humble power, with authenticity, with passion, people will take notice. Selling is not evil. People need what you offer, all you have to do is get desperate enough to communicate it to them.

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