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​Is Your Business Full Of Excellence?

Like you, I would like to believe that RPM Business Solutions is completely full of excellence. Meaning, when the phone is answered it is done with a smile, every client is professionally consulted with and future clients are dealt with in a very honest way. But how many times have you been out to eat and received poor service from your waiter/waitress, called your cellular company only to get the run around (and not by a human I may add) or taken your items to the counter to find that you are only a distraction to the cashier that is being paid to give you excellent service?

​​So what do we as business owners do to make sure that our business has excellence running through every department, transaction, process and client/customer interaction? That is the ten million dollar question. Here at Purpose-Plan-Profit we know that every one of our clients have this desire but many are not sure how to make it happen or how to monitor to make sure it is happening consistently.

First, it begins with you - the owner, leader, manager, boss (or whatever title you want to give yourself). To some reading this that may not seem fair. After all how do you get others to change their attitude and give excellent service each and every day? It starts with you because you have to set the example and tone of the business. Here are some questions for you to consider:

  • Do you arrive early and work harder than your staff each day?

  • Do you constantly pay attention to details that will make your customer’s experience enjoyable?

  • Do you treat your staff with respect and honor them with regular performance reviews?

  • Do you dress and prepare yourself so that you not only look your best but you act like you dress for success?

I could give an example of a business that hits a home run on each one and I could give you an example of a business that strikes out on all of them. Which business do you think is more profitable and has a staff that works hard to be their best? The answer is obvious isn’t it?

Two, if you want a business that is full of excellence it also must have an environment that pays attention to details. Details like going the extra mile, picking up trash blowing around the front entry door of the business, helping a customer when it is not expected, etc.

Again your modeling is very important here but so is expectations. Are you expecting your staff, for instance, to go the extra mile for each client? Are you consistently training them to do just that? Are you bragging on them when they do? My challenge to you is train your staff to give the customer more than they expect and reward them for paying attention to the details.

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