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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

I wonder what you think about some research that I have done regarding business owners, actually just people in general. For thirty years now I have helped people reach their potential - both professionally and personally. And at the beginning of the year I began to take a “real” look at what makes some people more successful than others.

There are several reasons but one that I have discovered has to do with planning and productivity. Every successful person that I was studying had a weekly and daily routine. The weekly started on Friday (or the weekend) for the following week, and the daily routine started early in the morning (many times in the shower).

When I noticed this I decided to developed one for myself. I created two very simple worksheets - one for weekly and one for daily. They are both very different than each other. And… I went old-school on this. I made myself fill them out manually. No apps, no software and no websites. Just paper and a pen.

What I found happening was amazing. Almost instantly I became more focused and much more productive. This simple planning made me more productive which resulted in increased profits.

There are two downloads and I am giving you free access to them with the links below.

Personal Weekly Planning Sheet

There are four sections on this sheet. I would encourage you to fill all four out, but don't over load them. Remember, the goal is productivity so putting more on your planning sheet that you can possibly accomplish in a week is only setting your self up to fail.

Daily Routine For Complete Success

The five sections in this may seem very basic. But I challenge you to read them out loud each and every day. Get them in your head and heart. Feel them! See them happening! Know that all things are going to work out for you today!

Click on the Graphics Below to get started:

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