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The Easiest Marketing Plan Ever - 4 Simple Questions

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

I have helped many business owners create a marketing plan to increase their sales results. In fact, it has been the focus of two coaching sessions already this week. I do this with a simple but extremely effective marketing planning process. If you will let me, I will take the next few minutes and coach you with the same four questions I ask my clients - thus the easiest marketing plan ever.

To do this all you need to do is focus on your ideal client. But be aware, while the questions are easy the answers take some detailed thought. Here are the four questions.

1. Who is your ideal client? Age, wealth, needs, family size, where they live, what kind of job they have, etc.

2. Where are these people found? Where do they hang out? At the country club, Wal-Mart, doctor's office, live in certain neighborhoods, etc.

3. What are their needs and pain points? This question is really important. Take your time on this one. Really focus on that ideal client and think about their needs and pain points. Could be fear, health, a job, transportation, lowest price, top quality, guaranty, etc.

4. How to reach and market to them? To get this answer all you do is combine the answers to the three questions above. What you will see very clearly is what needs to be done to begin selling your product or service to them. You may find that some of the general and most obvious ways will be perfect, such as social media, or TV, or print ads, or mail outs. But you may also find that there are many other ways to reach and marketing to your ideal clients, such as drip campaigns, joint ventures, etc. Make the right decision here and your sales program can't help but take off.


Now you may be wondering, "How do I do this? HELP!!!"

Let me offer you a FREE strategy session where we create

a customized marketing plan just for you.

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