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What Do You Do Better Than Anyone Else?

This is the all important question that business leaders have been asking themselves for hundreds of years. My hypothesis is: if they ever figured it out we would have a world full of extremely successful people – they would be everywhere. You see, all it takes is finding out what you are really good at, become the best at it, and then let the whole world know about it.

In business one question you may want to ask, and then couple it with the above question is, “Who is also competing for our future client’s money to get the results we can best help them achieve? “ Once you determine what you are best at and who is trying to compete with you then you go to work.

Let me get personal with you for a minute. Towards the end of last year I began to ask myself some really hard and difficult questions. You know the type. The kind that you really want to hide from, and certainly want to keep the cover on when family, friends and others are looking on. During this process I determined that I really didn’t like what I saw in every area of my life – especially in my professional life. Don’t get me wrong, I was doing a great job assisting my clients, but I knew I could be better. As a professional business coach I knew “we” could do better.

One question that I asked myself: What do we as a company do better than anyone else? The answer that I was proud to come up with was and is, “We have the ability to determine and discern what the issues are in a client’s life and company and the steps to take to make needed changes so goals are accomplished, profits are dramatically increased and lives are made better. “ That is it. That is what we do better than anyone.

So… what do you personally do better than anyone else? What does your business do better than any other company out there? Once you determine these two answers then you will have a much easier time getting clients to trade their hard earned dollars for your products and services.

Don’t take this assignment and blow it off. Go get a cup of coffee and really think about it. Have a staff meeting and ask your staff these questions. It could be that the future success of your life and business lies in the answer of these simple questions.

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