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I have been thinking about what makes one business better than another. In the town I live in there are many tree trimming companies (actually a different type business but I don’t want to reveal anything about these companies). Some of the tree trimming companies look like “one-man-shows”.

​The company truck is all beat up, the worker(s) looks like he/they just got out of a bar fight and I could just imagine what the operations and finances look like. You see these type companies everywhere - the name of the business may be different but the appearance is the same.

​Then you have just a few tree trimming companies that look like they have their act together. Their trucks are well painted or skinned. The staff roll out of the trucks in clean company shirts. They operate well serviced equipment - and get the job done.

So what is the difference? As you consider which type business you are… think about this too.

  • Your staff - are they well equipped and trained to do their job?

  • Appearance - what does your staff and vehicle’s appearance say about you and the business?

  • Customer feedback - are you actively getting your customer’s feedback and what are you doing with that information?

  • Systems - this is the magic that makes the business run like a well-oiled machine. I am a believer that most any routine action in a business can be put in a systematic process. This line of thinking is different for most business owners, and for those that are just trying to survive they most often think they are silly. But I promise you, without them you will always be struggling and frustrated.

  • Expect excellence - don’t settle for anything less. Look at every facet of the business and improve on it daily.

These points are basic but I promise you if you follow them your business will thrive not just survive.

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