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The 6 Hurdles Total Mastery Guide


Table of Contents


  • Hurdle #1: The Focus of a Champion
  • Hurdle #2: The Systematic Excellence of an Olympian
  • Hurdle #3: The Precision of an Astronaut
  • Hurdle #4: The Leadership of a Titan
  • Hurdle #5: The Resolve of a Warrior
  • Hurdle #6: The Drive of an Ox
  • Putting it Together


A Roadmap to Successful Business


We all desire to be successful. The problem is, “What is success?” That is the question that has been on man’s mind since the beginning of time. The answer is attempted to be explained in this book, however, can be different for each and every person. There are some common “keys” to success and being successful that I want to point out.

6 Hurdles – The Barriers To A Successful Business

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