6 Hurdles – The Barriers To A Successful Business


If you are a student of people like I am, then you know that there are certain traits that lead to success. I personally enjoy sitting at a resort in St. Augustine, Florida, watching people walk by. I often try to imagine what makes them tick, what decisions they are wrestling with, and what challenges life has thrown their way. Businesses are much harder to watch, but the successful ones all seem to have common characteristics too. Inspired in part by the bestselling book Good to Great, and part by my own experience working with executives in today’s real-world, I want to dig into why many, dare I say “most,” businesses don’t succeed.


First, let’s take a look at what a hurdle is. A simple definition of a hurdle is something that keeps you from reaching that sought-after goal. Hurdles come in many forms and hinder even the most successful people.


Such as:


*Harry Truman failed so often in business and politics that he once wrote a letter to his wife, Bess, in which he said, “I can’t possibly lose forever.”


*Early in her career, Lucille Ball was fired by a producer who told her, “You’re not meant for show business. Go home.”


*After an early performance at the Grand Ole Opry, Elvis Presley was told that he should stick to driving a truck since he obviously had no future as a singer.


*Rudyard Kipling was fired from his first job as a newspaper reporter because his editor told him, “You don’t know how to use the English language.”


*After completing his first novel, Stephen King decided it was terrible and threw it into the trash. His wife fished it out and sent it to a publisher. Thus started a very long and successful writing career.


By the end of this book and completing the exercises, you will be able to answer the question: “How do I overcome the real barriers that I’m facing today, and the barriers I will face in the future?”

Believe it or not, the real barriers to a successful business exist within the mind.


Yes, common barriers to a successful business can be the location of the business, the amount of capital and funding it has, the experience of the staff, and how much in demand the product is.


But… I believe that the following 6 hurdles will keep tripping up you and your business even if you have the best possible location, all the money in the world, a team that is known as a “dream team,” and a product as genius as an umbrella during monsoon season.

6 Hurdles – The Barriers To A Successful Business